Me and Coyote

Me and Coyote


I Paint With Pigments that look like Crayons

NeocolorsII by Caren D’ache


pic of crayons

pic of crayons

I begin painting by choosing a bright white sheet of Archival Paper that is Hot Press which is smooth to the eye and touch unlike cold press which has bumps or texture on the surface.

treepainting 004

The 140 pound paper weight provides enough thickness for the needed layers to begin the basic structure of the piece.

If the paper is too thin, it simply won’t absorb the pigments correctly.  

Playing with the foreground and surface color adds dimension and saturation to the surface which means that the colors that come forward are a different hue then the ones that recede


I often use black and white as a sort of yin and yang struggle in my work seeking to balance the play between dark and light. 


Each swirl and arc is a process of painstaking baby steps.


To understand that it has been and that it has arrived is the very nature of the creating artist.


  treepainting 004cropped1stlayertree


It is not a stagnant moment from one completed piece to the next. It is

blackunicorn 003 a continuous conversation.

News From The Couch …. GOLD

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A little bit of Egypt today and the reminder of the deep impact this culture has on our world.  The symbols, people and art work are always a good way to explore ideas again and again.



The use of gold in a painting really dramatically changes the impact of color on the total piece and like the one above, I am really enjoying the process of learning and having fun with it’s added dimension to my world.

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