News From The Couch … Hot Summers


I had the chance to find some new and interesting techniques for my blogging program and here is one of the resulting “reflections” options with a watermark.  What do you think?

I’ll be posting my new work all week.  Enjoy

How’s your day going?


5 thoughts on “News From The Couch … Hot Summers

  1. Well, I think is cool and congratulations! smiles.I don;t know to work yet with wordpress..neither blogspot.:P..some day I will fix mine too..Be happy and blessed!..kisesDy, ♫♥♪

  2. What do you think about 1 time use license to use as an image for a new blog, You could probably see it now; all the authors haven't made it to the table, so to speak. And once they have, it will be closed off for a while, then opened up…nefarious conspiracies and such. What do you thin about charging for a lease? I'd love one, but there's one in particular, that's positive, but complex, it's the third one down on the left from the kitty pictures page, which I love. I'm doing something similar with 'Warholizing' my therapist. She hates it, I think it's awesome, but i'm not done yet. In any case, give it some thought. I see you are working on a blogging series. Still all looks awesome to me, woman. Sweet tides, Linda

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