New Work …. From The Studio



Vivid Red seems to be the theme for HOT SUMMERSI have been working on 14 x 17’s pretty much exclusively all summer.  I had a need to work out a series which means for those of you who aren’t familiar with artist’s terms …. create about 20 like minded and inspired pieces.   The idea of a series is to stick to the same theme, using repetitive patterns so when you look at them all together, framed and ready to rock and roll … they all look similar.  All the work should be as if they belong as oppose to NOT belonging.


Anyone familiar with the jury process at an art show will know that the art work has to look cohesive.  Cohesive. 

My work is considered abstract and expressionist which means it is not a picture of an apple or a cat or a landscape … it’s an abstraction of ???   It’s an abstraction of an expression.  What does a SCREAM feel like?  What does the smell of rain look like, and so on.  That’s expressionism. 

That’s the News From The Studio … how’s your day going? 


9 thoughts on “New Work …. From The Studio

  1. Hi, I was about to apologize for posting twice, but I guess the last one didn't take or wasn't substantive. I said today's painting was my fav so far of the series, but then I saw it again, and wondered if you used acrylics for this? I know the idea of a series; I've done my own in photography, but not in painting. The question is, what paints do you use in general?

  2. the paint is caren d'ache it's a swiss pigment that comes in a crayon like state and then you can use it wet or dry and I grind up the pieces and blend them sometimes. I started working with pastels and the dust wasn't working for me so I found these and have been using them ever since ..

  3. I've had a hard time with pastels as well, so this is a great tip! I favor acrylics, but everyone seems to prefer my water colors, and I really don't like working with them. Maybe this is a solution. Thanks.

  4. Well that is enlightening. I knew about a'series' but you have introduced me to other terminolgy I hadn't previously associated with art.Some years ago, I visited the Rembrandt museum in Amsterdam. I was completely hypnotized by his series of self-portraits of himself as an older man. Each one was just subtly different, as if he was trying to capture every nuance of expression and his life experience in the painting.Gosh! Listen to me commenting on Art! Wow, I have never dared to say stuff like that before for fear of sounding ridiculous!Smiles.

  5. Beth, I'm going to take a full tour of your site sometime next week, but I've an idea for your work. You've seen the Kandinsky at the top of my page. on you YouTube, I use the same painting, but I repeat it. Take a look. What about using your paintings as designs for blog/web sites? I don't know how much you could get, but you could design it and get bids for it. I think some of your pieces would be perfect. People always have the option of changing colors, but design would be unique. You can hit google, word press, etc. I'm late for Friday morn's class, but are you on vacation, or did I miss it? Exhausted, have to sleep more. I love Klee, too. Later, I'll facebook something: you deserve recognition! Sweet Tides, Linda N.B. No significance to the song; wanted to give you link so you can see how different it looks.

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