News From The Couch ….

Weaving the Unexpected In

My work dramatically changed this week.  So I stopped midway to breath and my head is trying to catch up with change.   I didn’t expect the lines to shift so quickly and now that I’m here, well it’s interesting to understand whether to go forward or back.

Funny isn’t it?  In life taking a left turn on a map means that you usually have to shift yourself around and ultimately aim towards the direction you had intended.  Things don’t always happen like that with paintings. 

Paintings are an evolution of many things, like pattern, shapes and the context they are put in.  Change anything and the whole piece is completely altered. 

I have in my heart; a beginning, a middle and a crescendo to my work and in the middle of doing that A LOT HAPPENS.  Spatially things don’t move the way I expected or better then I expected the colors I chose change the mood for awhile,  my kitten jumps up on the canvas, my kitten decides it’s time to stop painting and I don’t agree. 

studiologo4jpeg  IMG_0552 IMG_0202 studiologo8jpeg

Day to day of life is a process of many things interwoven.  Painting a canvas is no different.  We have a list when we start our day of things that need to be done and how urgent that is.  It is much like painting.  Certain things have to happen in order for the magic to occur. 

The odd and unusual can make your day heaven or hell.  I have a wonderfully precocious kitten who is full of energy running around and what a delight.  Until the water gets tipped over and the paint falls to the ground. 

I have made changes in my directions because it’s better to have the company of the profound and lovely.  That means not getting upset when things don’t go the way I thought they should.  Leaves room for imagination and patience and a lot of fun.

That’s the news from the Couch ….. how’s your day going? 


8 thoughts on “News From The Couch ….

  1. Fascinating in that much of what you are experiencing applies beyond art, doesn't it? There are times when we just need to step back or maybe walk away, even if for only a bit.

  2. The process of creating art is a metaphor for experiences in life. For me having Gabriel added this unique dimension to the process. He loves it for one which is wonderful and then all the kitten prints on the paintings … those are special now. lol

  3. Sometimes (like now … I am still asleep), the little kitties are determined to get into mischief but they just want that warm attention we give when we cuddle up. He is so adorable! You have the power to change the direction of your day. Apparently, your kitten does, too. Ha.

  4. I know from my own painting how suddenly things can take an unexpected turn–and the whole countenance of the work will tilt in a new direction.You are so right that it's a lesson we can and should apply to LIFE. Be flexible, go with the flow, and don't sweat the small stuff. Great cliches with good meaning!

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