Pillow Talk? ….

The fun of Artist is the fun of decorating and utilizing all the elements gathered to rendered a perfect picture.   Well with objects de Art and gifted objects and the wonder of putting things together.  Whoa … how to make mismatched colors work …


005 couches

Alot of beiges going on.  You’d think they’d all magically go together but alas they do not.  Try a a baby blue with a chocalate spiral … making things pull together even if they don’t want to.

That’s the news from the Couch.  How’s your day going.


4 thoughts on “Pillow Talk? ….

  1. Fabulous decorating looks! I love mixing and matching antique furniture with traditional. I also like mixing it up with various wood tones. I can easily see how your artistry extends to your decorating.

  2. Well it's this chair that was re-directed at me and it sort of didn't go with anything … so I'm proving right here and right now that I am indeed an artist …. do you feel it?

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