Friday’s Famous Artist is Ben Eine and Ed Rusha

Ahh the famous trade between president Obama and Britains Prime Minister Cameron….begins here.  First British Prime Minister Cameron gives Obama a painting by a well known Pop Artist Ben Eine and a while later President Obama returns the favor by gifting another Pop Art work by Ed Rusha.   Who do you like better?


Ben Eine – Graffiti Artist

beneine1  beneine2

beneine4 beneine3

An Interview with Ben Eine


Or … Ed Rusha pop artist


benrushapics edrusha2

edrusha4 edrusha5

An Interview with Ed Ruscha From the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, Los Angeles, CA  90036


A little different then abstract art but no less important.  They both follow the post modern movement of Art. 


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Famous Artist is Ben Eine and Ed Rusha

  1. Hi Beth, I hadn’t heard of either of them if I’m honest but my girlfriend Emma reassures me they are both important modern artists. I like the Ben Eine one with the copper on it but I lack the knowledge of art to say which is better so I’ll relinquish the choice to my better half, she thinks Ed Rusha is a great artist but she prefers the style of Ben Eine better.

  2. Wow! I love grafitti art and I like Ed Ruscha's work,Rusha is one of the most compelling artists of the last forty years. Thx for reminding this!Dy,xoPS_ You have an award to pick -up from my blog!

  3. I was suprised when I did some further reading at how interesting they are. Ben Eine for instance was arrested for doing marking up public territory .. which of course works well for him. Dan Rusha is amazingly precise and important to me for his passing culture feel. There is a real depth to his work.

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