Friday’s Famous Artist … Picasso

picasso picassolady picassostare
“Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.”
— Pablo Picasso [32]
Famous Picasso,  studied and painted since his early teens.  Only this commitment could net the unbelievable achievement that comes from such a span of  time , October 1881 – April 1973.    From his Blue Period to the Rose Period to the African influences then to Cubism, Classicism, Surrealism, and more.
I was exposed to Picasso’s work at the Tate Gallery in London.  The curator there in fact owned one of his works and taught several classes.  Picasso was one of his absolute favorite artists and I spent many months studying the directions of his life. 
Not mentioned but very important is Picasso’s many relationship with artists he influenced and movements such as “DaDa” art with the likes of Georges Braque. 
Picasso also like many artists of that time created commissioned sculptures …
sculpturespicasso picasso_articlebox
Picasso was also well know for his many relationships, marriages, break ups, and was strongly influenced by the women in his life … who it appears may have shaped the many directions of his art and career.
Picasso is timeless and timely to this day his influence is felt.  


8 thoughts on “Friday’s Famous Artist … Picasso

  1. To be honest I have always found Picasso's cubism work to be perplexing. Maybe I'm just not sophisticated to get it. When I was in art classes years ago a teacher said something like this: "Picasso was for a time saluted as a forerunner of Surrealism, but his intellectual approach was basically antithetical to the irrational aesthetic of the Surrealist painters." Thereafter we were on a exploration of his work and his influence on other artists that lasted for an entire term. I recognize his work as being and his influence of other artists being HUGE but I can't say he's a favorite of painter mine. When it comes to art maybe I'm just a peasant. lol 😉

  2. I think the fact that he painted from the time he was 14 all the way to the end of his life is tremendous and for me … his majoy influences were the woman in his life because his work takes dramatic shifts as his relationships do. I like the work posted in the post. Shows a more progressive side to him.

  3. Picasso was a great innovator and took all sorts of chances with his work. He was never afraid to try something new, and in that way I think he was an inspiration to all artists. He once referred to himself as: "Merely an entertainer who understood his times."

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