News From The Couch: Deep Into Summer

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In this painting called “Bursts of Summer”  I found myself one again struggling with the ambiance of messy perfection.  I can hear my teacher saying to me … clean up your lines … kind of like your mom saying clean up your room.  The need to keep things extremely tight often pushes me right outside of the box. 

It isn’t that I resist a “perfect” line, it’s just that often nothing around me in nature really speaks to that.  It all seems so organized but not acutely perfect. 

I drag branches from a tree that got blown in the wind last night and watch as the green green leaves start their journey of decay.    I enjoy the texture and random similarity of leaves and the timeless knots in the branches. 

Time for some more coffee.    That’s the news from the Couch this morning.  Hope your doing well. 


“Bursts of Summer” is 14 x 17  and costs $400.00.  You can contact to purchase.  All work is sold unframed and is done on 300lb archival paper.


6 thoughts on “News From The Couch: Deep Into Summer

  1. awww .. he watches me make my art … quite intently … so he's a big part of the journey. When I went to Adopt a Pet place … he flew across the room and ran up my leg and jumped in my arms and gave me this look like … Ok let's go. Lol .. he's awesome

  2. I agree nature is well designed but it is neat to depict the things that do not seem perfect, that makes it all the more beautiful. Excellent work!

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