Endless Days of Fun

Being an artist is a full time job.  Having been doing it now for 20 years has created some of the most interesting moments with myself.  For one … I always give my best to my art.  Always … I don’t put a bunch of villains or shadows in my work because I feel that life is given with the best hope of success.  I believe that If my work hangs in a person’s house I don’t want negative symbols floating around.  So I do my research.  I study the ancient purpose of them and their use.  I find a lot to love about geometry and it’s perfection.

I love nature.  Long walks, the beach, the warm days and the starry nights.  A patch of sunflowers in an open field have a million poems waiting to be written.  A smiling child or a laughing couple … or friends enjoying themselves. 

There are moments of introspection …  that society doesn’t have maps for.  Those moments may be strange and scary.  Having exposed myself to passion has allowed a lot of un masking.  I often find that this is a great teacher in my life.   If I have the space to share a “real” side … it’s as abundant as the fields and the starry nights and the tides of the ocean.  Aren’t we all a bit like that?  I think so …..


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